Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Paper discovery center and Gabe 

Last week I took Gabe in to get his blood drawn.  The other stars waited in the waiting room. I love how people always comment when I have the kiddos with me everywhere.  (They must be home schooled..hugh.) My mom gladly came along to wrangle him down with me. I wasn't sure how this was going to go.  He has been getting rashy all over him for quite some time.  I just kept putting of the blood draw to test for allergies.  I am not sure many moms want to take their 2 year old to get their blood drawn.  I really didn't want to put him through it.  He did way better than I envisioned him doing.  I held him down, the 2 nurses worked on him and my mom had a continuous supply of chocolate chips going in his mouth.  There was no way I could get a picture. It took them 3 tries to actually get any blood.  They needed 3 bottles but only got 1.  Was a little annoyed with all the digging of the needles in his arms.  He just kept yelling, "take it out".  It was very hard to not say a word to these women. Seriously. One of them was praying....bless her heart. They called yesterday saying he wasn't allergic to dairy, strawberries or nuts.  Back to the drawing board then.  I have to bring him in again for a check and then we will have to go to an allergist to see what's next. 

one of Gabe's favorites.

They still love to dress others up at this house.

Paper Discovery Center field trip.  What a beautiful place along the river in Appleton. I have never heard of this place.  It was a fun hands on field trip with our Co op group.  We went on a scavenger hunt, they also got to make their own paper and  got to test all different kinds of paper to check their weight capacity.  That was totally interesting. A cereal box could hold up to 125 pounds.  A grocery bag could hold up to 100.  The kids had a blast.  

Gotta love her threads. That is my old shirt from high school.  I should of kept more of my old clothes apparently.

the kids love when we have frozen pizza and homemade chocolate chip cookies for lunch. Just realizing it takes 2 whole pizzas just for the 4 of them.  Jeremiah is having a growth spurt here.  He never stops eating.

I had someone go in my blog and delete a post the other day.  Just trying to fix some things on my blog and see what's up.  Thanks for visiting our little world.
Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

beauty to my ears

 I was putting Gabe down for a nap the other day.  I came out of our bedroom 20 minutes later and heard the 4 kiddos upstairs in Jonah's room.  I started to work on my Hogwartz castle lego set.  This darn thing has taken me a month but I finished it.  It will feel good to sell this thing at the rummage.  Very huge and frustrating.  My little stars stayed up there for 3 hours doing Legos together on the floor.  They came down periodically to get a snack or something to drink.  They each were working on a different set.  They were taking some apart and rebuilding them.  Really...too me that doesn't even sound fun. They were laughing and talking about their imaginations, rooms, what ifs, and life in general.  I just  kept going up there and checking on them and they were ear to ear in delight!

It felt weird downstairs by myself doing Legos. 
 We also made homemade carmels dipped in chocolate which were oh so creamy and divine.

This little man continues to keep us on our toes.  He is so much joy.  He never stops talking.  He loves playing with the kids and playing with all of his action figures.  I am trying to wake him up from his 2 hour naps because he has been harder to get to bed lately and he is still getting up twice a night. 

He is seriously picky.  Only eating the whole crackers.  

The kiddos were looking for extra work to do the other day so I offered them dusting high jobs. They already each dust their own rooms and the living room.  I just never do the high things.   I seriously hate dusting.  Just ask Dave...I never dust!  Don't come to my house and do the white glove test because you'll be completely disappointed.  

My fire stoker while he's schooling.  The kids started a fire every day this week.  If you know anybody that has cheaper wood for sale, feel free to let us know.

Have a joyful Sunday!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

valentines day

This was our valentines day mantel  last February with Dave's radiation countdown on. We are not Valentines people by any means but the kids always love a reason to have a scavenger hunt.  So that's just what we did.

Each kid has 10 bags with numbered hearts on.  They get their first clue with one heart on and it goes forward from there all the way up to 10 hearts.  They have little coupons in there for things they love.  Free hour of screen time, no chores for a day, free ice cream and a handful of chocolates.  They love it.  We do it every year. 

They all made cards for each other which were so cute and hilarious.  

This was Jeremiah's

Olivia got a little more crazy with things. Cutting up lace, pom poms and old cards.

Then she made these for Miah and Gabe.  Not sure what they are but they are so full of what's on her heart.  I love them!

We made sugar cookies and gingerbread houses with some friends of ours.  They ran around and played hide and seek and freeze tag too.

 We ended the night by chocolate dipping with favorite things.  We love to do this!

Thanks for loving on us and for your continued prayers.
We love you! 

**Candace thank you for your beautiful words .  Could you please email me so we could talk.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Happy 9th
Birthday Olivia!

Now the older kiddos are so excited because they are11,10,9
wishing Jeremiah was a 8 instead of a 7
I remember it was insane having 4 kiddos in diapers
Olivia you were colorful from the start
you are such a free spirit just like your mama
never had a care about what anyone else thought
you can't wait for the day to be a mom to 10 kids
you are still praying for another brother
you have a heart for kids, babies and everything orphan
you love pancakes and celery
your a nail biter
 loves Legos, reading, crafts
singing and dancing to Toby Mac, Natalie Grant Rend Collective,  and Hillsong
you are on fire for the Lord
and oh so creative
 we love you so much

you have the chubbiest cheeks ever

love this picture of you 3 

a ninja from the start

it took you forever to grow hair...

we love popcorn in this house

you would pick marvel heroes over dolls and dresses any day.  thank goodness I'm not girly

catching frogs

crazy weird child...weird is a side effect of being awesome I always tell the kiddos.

loves to seriously wrestle

 Odin looks a little scary there

we love wigs in this house

Legos in the rain

can you feel the excitement of having another brother

we love Darth Maul

We started out with bacon and waffles for breakfast.  Then opened gifts.  Thank you all for the fun stuff.  She is easy to buy gifts for.  She loved everything.  She got a spy pen, clothes, Rend Collective concert tickets, books, dolphin Tale 2, paper and pens, and a few other things.  

Homemade cards from everyone rock!

Thank you mom for the handmade apron.  Olivia picked out the fabric and my mom put it all together.

Then we were of to the roller rink.  She always picks rollerskating.  Everyone loves it.  Wish it was closer though we would be there more often. We had a good time.  My mom just chased Gabe running through the arcade area at full speed.

We ate dinner at Culver's and ended the night with her cake.  She drew the design on paper and the other kids did the work.  

Thank you for being part of our awesome day!