Friday, December 19, 2014

Day 18

*We just happen to be in Sheboygan at our home school Co op yesterday  and found a ton of outside workers.  We went to Dunkin Donuts (way more choices in a bigger city) and got about 50 munchkins.  My kiddo just love the name of those.  They sound so darn cute.  Then we got 8 not cocoas.   We drove around a bit to find our receivers.  Then at last we found a big group of them to bless.  The kiddos so kindly walked up to the construction crew and blessed them with goodies.  They all piled into the car after and were shocked how mean the guy was.   Just told them to leave and to drop the things right on the ground.  Then says "yeah, more free stuff."  The kids told them they were spreading love and kindness and Merry Christmas.  They decided to tell them that they would pray for them too once they saw how grumpy they all were.  Once we got on the road we started talking about the situation.  We never had such grumpy receivers before.  I kind of chuckled but it was a great lesson for them.  We chit chatted about people's lives and what they are going through.  You never know what kind of brokenness is going on in their lives.  The best thing you can do is tell them that you'll pray for them.    We have the same standing rule with bullies.  Totally throws them off!
It works like a charm every time!

*We did some more cookie baking yesterday.  Tried my hand at Snicker doodles and more Chocolate chip cookies.  I have never ate one before or made them.  The kiddos loved them.  Some of the kiddos got a new favorite cookie in the house. 

Have a great Friday!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Day 17

*We chose to do our random acts of kindness while we were out and about at Children's Hospital.  We have had full days these last few weeks I can barely find time to write anything down.  Busy busy busy.  One of these days I will catch up on everything...promise.   We were able to lift some others up when we went into Children's with some notes of encouragement.  Left my camera in the car of course.  Olivia thought it would be fun to put notes on the bathroom stall doors so you could see them when you sit on the potty. Have a great poop she writes with Jesus loves you under it.  Great idea!  

*We went and saw the ENT and audiologist.  She did a great job.  They did a bunch of different hearing tests, nerve tests and took different pictures of her inner ears.  Long story short...she checked out 10 decibels lower than she did last time.  I thought she seemed fine with no change at all.  Apparently not.  They put a hearing aid/headband on her and she did good with that.  The Dr. also said that her eardrum was collapsed and had a lot of pressure in there but she was showing no signs of a cold of any sort.  So they were confused on that part.  They are hoping and thinking it will just go away and get better on it's own.  Time will tell.  We go back in 6 months.  If she has any pain or a harder time hearing we need to bring her there.  She complains of nothing so we are good to go for now. 

*We found some bell ringers that were dancing and singing so we blessed them with hot chocolate.  They totally rocked. They gave us some candy canes. They were so happy and sweet.  A breathe of fresh air.

*Last night when we cooked at the homeless shelter these kiddos were waiting for the noodles to be done and had fun horsing around. 

 Every time we go to cook it pulls at our hearts.  The kiddos usually have a hard time with all the happenings there.  Truly...they get it.  Everyday we get  choices.  We get one shot at this life and honestly, I don’t want to waste it.  I want to do the important things…I want to make those right choices.  When faced with grief and sadness and loss in such a broken world we simply need Jesus.  We can’t fix ourselves…that’s the love and hope and mercy and grace and redemption in Christ.  I don’t always make the right choices.  I screw up a lot.  People and things get under my skin.  I don’t like everyone I meet.  Every day God meets me right where I am and pushes me to try and make this vapor I’ve been given worth something…and that something is for God’s glory…for His name to be made known.  I want to love, invest and care for people…those are the important things.

*Then we had a bag of goods for the food pantry so we swung by the Making Spirits Bright display in Sheboygan and it was  beautiful.  Made me sad that we didn't have Gabe with us.   So thankful for all the sponsors and volunteers who put that all together.  Great job. Pictures were taken in the rain and in the car.

Go be the light to somebody today!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Day 16

 *We made more of these...yup we have favorites in this house..

*Rich..thanks for being an awesome mailman!

*See that pile on the floor..this is how Gabe rolls lately.  Cars go up the slide and fly off into a pile.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Day 15

*We made some delicious toffee and had Dave take it in for us and I totally forgot to take pictures.

*This little star has been eating yogurt like it's going out of style.  He can easily polish off 32oz. in 1 or 2 days.  

*My handsome little men..

 and my little lady...

 *reading the Lego magazine..

We had a crazy busy weekend.  More on that later.  Tomm. we are off to Children's for another hearing test for Olivia.  Praying for no changes and safe travels. 

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Day 14

*We drove around a bit to find somebody.  I know the Salvation Army was having a hard time finding ringers this year.  We found 2 of them at the Piggly Wiggly in New Holstein and blessed them with some hot cocoa.

*Craft day at the home school coop.  They made these cute little reindeer and a personalized candle.  They had a great time.  Thanks mom for watching Gabe.  

Have a great Monday!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Day 13

*Packaged up a few bags of goodies and took them to our food pantry.  The kids always enjoy putting things together from our pantry.  

 *oldest and youngest...

*another love note from these..

Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Day 12

*We decided to decorate a  few parking lots with love.  The kids had fun doing this. They love trying to be sneaky.    

Odin had to make homemade whole wheat egg noodles.  They were ooookkkk.  Very wheaty and thick.  You totally needed a lot of butter and salt to choke them down.He decided to organize them in the shape of a pie instead of a messy pile.  He is just so..ya know!!

Shop with a cop today....have a wonderful Saturday!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Day 11

*We made these homemade twix bars which were delightful.  They were just hard to package. Did 3 boxes of these goodies. The kids all enjoyed the extras.

 *We have been doing a focus on the family advent which includes scripture, a fun puzzle or game and a story and activity.  The kids have been loving it.  Great for all ages. 
 They had to redraw Simeon on the squares.

 *Took our thankful tree down.  A lot of them are just plain funny.  Love what they are thinking about or studying about at the time. Ben Franklin and land!!

 Happy Friday!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Day 10...

*We made these beauties and went to the library.  We gathered some books for ourselves and then started hiding. We just randomly were grabbing books and putting them in there.  It was fun. 


*Still playing this.  Miah and I played from 5:30 am until 7 yesterday.  Anybody want to come and play this game?  Have at it!

*Donated these glasses the other day.  One pair was Jonah's first pair and the other was mine  from 12 years ago.  Sad to see them go but know they will find a good home.

Love this little man...

Happy Thursday!