Sunday, January 25, 2015

Dave update

Dave just had his 4th check up after radiation. For 2 years every 3 months Dave has to go to meet with his team at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota .We come back again in April, July, October, and January. We spend 2 days in Rochester Minnesota. Its a long 5 hour drive but worth the time since we fully believe through God's hands they saved Dave's life. The doctors are so wonderful and loving. 

This is our view from his floor...

Everyone there is so nice. Dave is doing very well overall. His sense of taste is coming back so he really has to watch his diet and make sure he continues to eat well. They want him to keep his plant based diet as much as possible. He doesn't have to become a vegetarian but they want him eating mainly veggies instead of meat. This is quite a change for him but Dave seems to know he has to do it and is not complaining at all. They also want him to continue to get plenty of good rest and not get too stressed out. This is hard to do for any of us but especially for Dave since he is so passionate about his job and his family. We're working on that too. He also needs to continue to exercise. His nerves are regenerating so it is becoming easier for him to do more. So far he walks and runs a little on the treadmill. Each week he does a little more. The scar tissue in his neck is OK. They told him as long as he does his stretches every day he should be OK. 

The worst part of the exams are when they use a special scope on Dave to look in his mouth and back of his throat. It is a tube with a camera on it and they run it up his nose and down the back of his throat. I never knew how much it hurt Dave because he never complained. I am amazed at his pain tolerance but this time it hurt pretty bad. His eyes were watering and he was wincing as they ran the tube up his nose. They have to do it but it must be awful. We were trying to count how many times he's had this done and stopped at about 30. It never gets easy for him. Good news is that they did not see anything of concern on the scope. After all was done they gave Dave another thumbs up and sent us home. He has to do some follow up tests here at home and can now go see the dentist. The dental work is going to be tough and costly. The radiation really messed up his teeth so we are not looking forward to what they will say he needs done. We're praying for peace on that part of this journey.  

Tried my hand at the lobby puzzle.  Got 4 pieces.  I would love to be the person who does the final leg of one of those things. I always wonder how long it takes to get done. 

Thank you for all your continued support and those of you who made this trip possible. Thank you mom and dad for watching half the kids and Jasmine watching the other half.  We couldn't do this without you.  This was a whirl wind of a week.  More on that to come.
We love you dearly!

Monday, January 19, 2015


We have been rocken at our homeschool.  Everything has seriously been great.  Everybody has a little more patience and love in their hearts.  By the afternoon they are picking on each other in a brotherly sisterly sort of way though.  It's life and they are kids.  I love this adventure!!

Olivia worked on some glow in the dark science project she got for christmas.  It was from Barnes and Noble and it included making your own glow in the dark glow sticks and slime.  It was easy enough for her to do by herself.  She loved it. 

Someone was trying to fire at me as I was running into the bathroom. I love our nerf gun battles.

There is always time for kindness.   So we made these and shared them with some others. Baked goods can change the world and your waistline.

Almost done with my first 2 books of the year.  Love both of them and I suggest you read them.

Went to Cosmic Bounce in Sheboygan.  Thank you Auntie Annie for the gift card.  They had a blast and were a hot mess. 

This guy thinks he's Thor.  He loves to fly like Superman, and use his powers like iron man.   At times he's shooting arrows at orcs like Legolas and fighting them with his sword. 

These 3 are constantly drawing marvel or Lord of the Ring characters and goofing around at the table.  When Dave was gone last week we had some intense game playing going on.  Electronic battleship was fierce.  Gabe would come along when the game was almost finished and destroy it all.  The kids have great patience with him.  They are my jam. 

This guy is eating yogurt like crazy yet.  He eats about 48 ozs. a day.  Thankfully I get a sweet deal on it at the Woodlake Market.  Dave and I got talking on the way to church the other day though about diluting it with some milk and trying to make my own again.  The last time I tried I couldn't master the strawberry flavor.  I will try my hand at this again and see how it rolls.  It's a heck of a lot cheaper.  He only eats about 6 different things and this is one of his favorites.  

Hope you all had a grand weekend!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Change is one of God's greatest gifts and one of his most useful tools.  I've learned the hard way that change can push us, pull us, rebuke and remake us.  It can show us who we've become, in the worst ways, and also in the best ways.  I've learned that it's not something to run away from, as though we could, and I've learned that in many cases, change is not a function of life's cruelty but instead a function of God's graciousness.
 Patience and Grace. 
Patience and Grace.
This is my daily  homeschooling prayer
throughout the whole day.
We have been talking  some time now about schooling Miah at home.  It broke my heart sometimes to drop him off every day while the others were at home.  God has been putting it on our hearts for the last few months.  I just had to surrender and listen.  We  have finally made that decision to add him into the mix.  He really struggled with going to public school while we're all at home.  Daily struggles we parents had to deal with that others never saw.   So we decided over break to add him into the mix.  Jeremiah was super excited.  He is doing the Heart of Dakota curriculum just like the rest.  It has been just over a week and he is doing great.  Finding our nitch and groove and getting it to work. Hoping to ignite his fire to learn and to read.  He would rather play and hang around outside.  Grace and patience for this mama are key.  Hoping to nip his foolishness in the butt too!!  The other kids are super excited.  Gabe is loving it. Gabe always asked where Miah went when I took him to school.  He couldn't be happier. 

This is what our quiet time looks like.  Gabe is napping in our bed by himself and we are all reading. 

 love that they love to be together...

I love this journey!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Reflecting ...this was from last new years
What a year we were beginning

In this moment God fulfills every promise and every prophecy.  God’s perfect time. God does not wait for the world to get ready, He enters right into the mess.

He makes Himself very least, no more status.  Very least so that He can with the very most desperate – you and me. He doesn’t mind that I am not ready yet and He doesn’t mind the wretched condition of my heart or the stench of my sin. God’s time is now and He enters into the mess, ready or not.

His perfect timing, now. Now is where He has called us. And we are just not ready yet. We need to clean up the house a bit and pray a little more and seek more counsel and we don’t know how to do that yet and oh, we have our excuses. And God says, “I’m here now, and I am ok with the mess because I am here for the messy.”

God doesn’t need us to be ready for Him; He has been ready for us since the beginning of time.  I remember that never, not once, was I really as ready as I wanted to be. And I remember that God kept all His promises, every last one, in His perfect time.

This new season looms and I don’t know what is next. But He doesn’t need me to be ready for this season because He is ready. He just needs me to be clinging to His feet.

Now. This is where He has called us.


Here's to a healthy new year for this family.

Me and my Mr. always  have lots of good, hard conversations  about the brokenness around us and the why’s and how’s and how do we help stand in the gap and hold hands with our brothers and sisters.  When you look at poverty and see people…their hearts, their lives, their reflection of God…you realize we were created to do this life together.  We want to do more and more and more. This messy, hard, completely unfair life linked arm and arm.  We were made to come along side one another. 

this last year was full of 


Reflecting on the new year again and again that God is good!
 life is messy
we have struggles
and no one is ever alone.
God's grace and unwavering love covers it all
He takes our brokenness, our weakness and our failures and flips them upside down.
He loves us. We are his and we are made new through him.
God is good.
He gives us hope.
He carries us through.

 I’m praying big things for 2015. 
Big things people!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Happy 7th birthday Jeremiah Christian

Can you feel the excitement?
One of my favorite pictures of the first  4
 4 kiddos in 5 years
3 in diapers
 was crazy fun. 
Ask Dave!!!
You were an easy baby.

you  love to be outside
battling with dragons, knights, trolls, you name it
going and doing things all day long
 sand box, playing with water, Legos, action figures
you are an easy going kid

you love to bake and lick the bowls

you love helping others

you have always been a little ham
  entertaining  us 
lots of foolishness
and always willing to get messy

you are so full of life and so loving

you are loud, crazy
an always smiling

a wee bit stubborn sometimes

you love swimming, camping,
riding your bike, reading  books
and any kind of adventure

We went to Chuck E Cheese for your birthday.
You love that place.  I love the cheap price and there is something for all ages. Even Dave and I.

Thank you for the cards, gifts and birthday wishes.  

 The kids did the cake and it honestly became an argument.  There wasn't enough decorating to split apparently.    Miah always wants the most interesting things on his cake.  This was supposed to be him and dad playing catch. 

We love you dearly Jeremiah Christian
We are so thankful God blessed us with you
 Have an Awesome Day!