Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Camping trip photos.... part 1

 We love camping at State Parks
it's such a special gift to go camping as a family
and cheap too
We do easy meals, lots of hiking, biking swimming and laying a round just chatting with each other, going for lots of night walks, sitting by the fire and making smores.

Thank you auntie Sarah for the awesome hammock!

Catching toads for fun..wishing we could take some home with us.

grocery trip to Walmart...of course we have to try on a few hats!

thank you for the floatie Auntie Annie

We love swimming at Sister Bay
Peninsula State Park in Door County is one of our favorite's..

can you feel his excitement?

one trip to the Er ......which usually happens.....and it's usually Jonah
just a few stitches this year...last he broke something on his foot or ankle.
I can't keep up with this stuff

to be continued....

Monday, July 21, 2014

Father's day contest

So on a whim I got an email about entering this fathers day contest.  You just had to write under 500 words about your dad.  I just randomly started writing about what the kiddos said about Dave, their dad and low and behold we won.  Can I tell you ...we have never won a thing in our lives. This was awesome. Dave knew nothing about it and was totally surprised to find out we won the contest.

 This is what the kids and I sent in...
My dad is awesome because he loves his kids unconditionally
My dad is cool because he is on fire for the Lord
My dad is a hero because he is a police chief and helps people
He stands by us and protects us
My dad has so much honor and strength
I want to be like him some day
My dad is fabulous because he wrestles with us
He patiently teaches us
My dad gently corrects and speaks truth
My dad shows grace and love
My dad takes brokenness and embraces it
You have shown us how to have compassion and courage
My dad’s heart is full of hope and faith.
My Dad beat stage 4 cancer  through his faith in God
                                     We are so thankful to the Lord for my dad's life
We as a family chose not to waste his cancer
we chose joy because
                                                                         Love Wins

this is what we won
a 2 night stay at the American Club in Kohler, a round of golf for 2 with a cart at Whistling Straits, a bottle of Johnny Walker, 4 fresh cut New York Strip steaks...AND a Weber grill!
Thank you so much Woodlake Market you rock!

Friday, July 18, 2014

in gratitude..

thank you for all of you that have prayed for Dave and our family on this journey
we are still in the recovery stage

thank you to all of you who have walked this journey with us
you have helped us in so many ways

thank you for bringing such delicious meals to our family
sharing your gift of serving

thank you for all the gas cards, grocery cards and more.
such generous hearts

cards from little ones with such awesome drawings 
I love how they share their hearts

this is Dave's wall of encouragement in our bedroom and
all of your awesomeness in cards

thank you for helping our kiddos have Christmas gifts
from your loving and giving hearts

thank you mom and dad for watching the kids, continually helping wherever we need it

thank you Grandma Mimi for visiting, watching the kids and for the memories 

thank you Marylynn for coming and lending a helping hand
and taking the kiddos on adventures

thank you Annie for all of your support 

thank you Sarah for your health support and goodies to keep us going

thank you neighbors for shoveling and snow blowing

thank you Jen for always giving the kiddos a ride 

thanks for the endless number of emails, calls and texts from so many of you who cared for us and Dave.

thank you for your continued love and support

Thursday, July 17, 2014


Just got home yesterday from camping...will post an update soon........

Friday, July 4, 2014

8 months ago we sat in an office and a doctor told us that Dave had stage 4 cancer. Just 3 days before that he played in a flag football tournament at church. Not one symptom. He felt fine then but now the doctor told us this awful disease was all over inside his mouth, head, and neck. That it had spread into his lymph system and he was in trouble.
8 months ago I found Dave checking his life insurance and verifying everything was in order because there was a chance he would not make it. 
8 months ago we were stunned to learn the percentages and his chances of survival. We were numb from the news and lots of tears flowed.

 As the wife of a police officer even in a small Wisconsin town like ours I know there are risks and a chance that my husband may not come home from work. Dave has been in police work for over 25 years and I know he is very good at what he does and he is smart and safe. Dave works with great people and I know he is doing his best to serve God and serve others. I also know he prepared for the worst to make sure our family was provided for if anything happened to him. Dave told me right away when we were married that he would always take care of me even if he was not here that he would still take care of me. I never wanted to think of that happening and now it was. We never expected it to hit us from an awful strange form of cancer
 8 months ago my beautiful husband asked God to "heal him". 
8 months ago Dave told God that he was not mad at him and that he would never get mad at him. That he knew God had a plan for him and Dave surrendered to God's plan.
8 months later now and we just returned from a 2 day trip to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.
What an amazing place full of amazing people. We met with Dave's cancer team and learned a lot about his cancer. Unfortunately there is still a lot they don't know about his cancer. They still don't understand a lot about it but they do know that it appears to be gone!
They reviewed his PET scan and all confirmed what the team in Green Bay told us that it looks like Dave is CANCER FREE.  They agreed with the team in Green Bay that his scan and physical exam show no signs of cancer. 


PRAISE GOD. The power of prayer. All of you and us praying. Great doctors and treatments. PRAISE GOD.
Dave started physical therapy 2 weeks ago to help him recover from his radiation treatments. We had no idea how much of his head and upper body would be affected by the radiation treatment. His arms shoulders neck and jaw were all affected. He can move fine it just feels tight and he doesn't feel as strong as he did before but he is slowly getting better. The therapy can be painful but he is doing well and the doctors at Mayo are very happy with how far he has come in the past 8 months and especially in the past two weeks. Based on how well he is doing they believe Dave may fully recovery from all of his physical problems including the nerve damage in his face and neck.

Dave still has mouth pain from time to time but it is a lot better than before. His taste is slowly coming back and he needs to watch what he eats. We are learning more about his nutrition needs and his diet will be a lot of fruits and veggies. They even said he could have a beer now and then so he celebrated with a Guinness at dinner. (Cheers!)
Dave's weight has been stable for 2 months now. He gains a few pounds then loses a few but hasn't dropped more than what he first lost from the treatment time. He lost over 60 pounds and we had to buy him new clothes and he needed new uniforms too. 

Thank you God. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you doctors.

Thank you family.

Thank you friends.
We are blessed and God is good. 

Monday, June 30, 2014

Eat him up 

I am so tempted to put mascara on those lashes

 he is so squishy...We are so blessed!

Praying for great results at Mayo this week. Will give an update when we can.
Thank you for all your continued support.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

God is so bent on blessing, He chases.
God’s not out to get you — He’s out to give to you.
And God’s blessings don’t pursue temporarily but relentlessly. It’s right there in His Word: His goodness and mercy pursue me not just some days — but all the days of my life. When I’m in a wilderness, His mercy and goodness run after me. When I’m hurting, His grace hunts for me. When I’m plagued by problems, His goodness pursues me.
No matter where I go, He has his two blessing men right there in hot pursuit: goodness and mercy.

I whisper it to myself when it’s noon on the first day of the week and everything is closing in on me and I am already behind in my mind.

Whatever is chasing you — no matter what it looks like — it’s grace.
And grace isn’t what makes us feel good: grace is all that makes us more like Jesus.

I can breathe deeper. I could smile. I don’t have to feel anything pressing on my chest.

Because the real truth is: God wants to bless more. So why run from whatever God is giving? It’s only got to be for my ultimate good and His ultimate glory.
We don’t live in pursuit of a better life it’s the blessed life that’s in pursuit of us.
It’s there on the counter, that open journal where Dave and I count gifts, and it may feel like were looking for goodness and mercy, but it’s grace and mercy that finds us.

 No one chases grace — but grace chases everyone.

I feel like a happy fool making lunch in the kitchen, kiddos schooling, loud and crazy chaos in the house, washing machine humming, and I am laughing over nothing, over everything, over joy, a love like this.

And nothing can overwhelm me — like grace can overtake me.

No matter when you look over your shoulder, that’s what you find: God’s blessings overtaking you. No matter what a day, a life, looks like, this is what it all stacks up to for every person on the planet: We are all chased by grace.

And in the kitchen(because that's where we hang most of the time), with the timer beeping — I reach over, kiss a boy smack on the forehead, the world full of His goodness and mercy and Glory

Love wins

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Beautiful things

This girl eating something else besides celery, chicken and yogurt all the time.  She is a picky eater but a healthy eater.   She made a funny face but she seemed to like it.  Darn...she ate 2 whole pieces. This sounds like no big deal but we are so proud of you.

If you are ever at our house you need to seriously watch out for flying bullets.  They are going every which way all the time.  Jeremiah got a bullseye on my smoothie when I was drinking it.

This girl does everything school from sun up to sun down.  She loves organization(but her room is a disaster) and school. She cannot wait to be home schooled next year.  We are so excited!

Hamming it up

the kiddos love making cards for people...they are truly aware of what that person is like.
love their hearts

thankful for our friends for  continually helping Dave on his licorice addiction(hee, hee)

 my children bringing me flowers constantly

these big kids giving Gabe unlimited rides in Rubbermaid. 
Love Rubbermaid

Love my life...

Saturday, June 21, 2014

ice cream for breakfast

This post is mostly for the kiddos
Our tradition for all these years has been to have humongous ice cream sundaes for breakfast the last day of school.  Ya know wind them up like crazy and then by the time they get to school they crash.  The older 2 were done with school already but the younger 2 were not.  
They all had a fun year.  I just never get how they are ready for it to end and then a few days later want it to start already. 

Gabe has no idea what's going on..he won't even touch ice cream.